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Hi my name is Jama’l Chukueke (pronounced Ja-mel Chick-a-wake-e), creator of Diversity Dad which highlights the uniqueness within the dad community through podcasting, blogging, and video interviews.

On January 8th, 2015 my life changed forever. Looking at the little wrinkled peanut of a child lay on my wife’s chest, I was overwhelmed with joy and pride. I was so proud of my wife with enduring the process of birth, and so joyful to receive a perfect little baby. It is unbelievable that this little person was created in the perfect vision of a higher power and placed in the life of my wife and me. So of course to be a great dad, the pressure sets in (oh no). The thoughts of changing dirty diapers, getting no sleep, and figuring how to install the car seat had me nervous. So many questions….I need answers!

The Compulsion

I soon realized I wanted to create an on-going conversation with fellow dads and father figures about this very important role we the honor to play. I started seeking the counsel of other dads on the process of how to be the best dad I can be. As I was asking questions from various dads and getting all this great information, I thought to myself “I wonder how many other dads want to learn this stuff too?” The fatherhood movement of Diversity Dad was created.

The Mission

Diversity Dad was created to build a community of dads to provide resources on fatherhood within their unique fatherhood journey. We want to support dads regardless of their parenting situation – whether it’s dealing with toddlers, teens, divorce, separation, or adoption; we are here for you. Our goal is to “buck conventionally” and celebrate doing fatherhood differently.

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